École Spéciale d'Architecture 2006
Workshop Didier Fiuza Faustino
with Florian Bouziges, Martial Marquet & Nicolas Polaert.
First Prize

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Mask is a phantasm of myself. Thanks to it, I create a new Myself that I am not responsible of, therefore I can liberate my repressed impulses. However, the use of a mask must stay punctual, otherwise it becomes the new identity still vulnerable to a self censorship.
Our spatial device is assembled during the nigh by an illegal way. Then, this building imposed to its visitors, a totally dark space, allowing behaviour that would be usually self censored.
This non controllable space can not help creating some opposition reactions which lead sooner or later to a destruction, integrative episode of its process. Somewhere else, the same installation is rebuilt and thus, perpetuate the operation’s cycle.
We are looking here for a limitation of the architectural creation to its minimum. In fact, architectural creation is a more or less affirmed representation of legality while illegality is strictly created by the use of the space and its evanescence.

Léopold Lambert / Architect[e], Editor & Writer