École Spéciale d'Architecture 2007
with Martin Le Bourgeois


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Dying Architecture is a small prepatory project exploring the building’s life process in a wider research about the appropriation of the public territory (see undergraduate thesis project Spiculation also with Martin Le Bourgeois in 2008). Refusing the invincibility of architecture, we propose an ode to architecture’s evanescence and unpredictable evolution. We base this “moment architecture” in reference of the work of Henri Lefebvre, Gilles Ivain and the Situationists.
A serie of small cocoons are being produced regularly within public space and they remain until the next rain which disaggregate their hydrosoluble structure.
The limitation of architecture’s existence in time appears to us as a mean to avoid the elaboration of an authoritative system, always dangerous even when based on philanthropic motivations. We believe that democracy is made of those instants where a manifesto is being enunciated, affecting people and vanishing to re-appear somewhere else in an impossibility of its control.

Léopold Lambert / Architect[e], Editor & Writer