École Spéciale d'Architecture 2008
Fifth Year autonomous Thesis with Martin Le Bourgeois tutored by Val
érie Chatelet


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spicule : noun. chiefly Zoology a small needle-like structure, in particular any of those making up the skeleton of a sponge.
from Oxford Dictionnary

Spiculation embodies an alternative to public space’s hermetism. Its spicules’ aggregate composes a malleable material which can be transformed at any moment by anybody. Alternative it represents to linked and precise architecture generates a flexible implementation of a fluid material resulting from multitude. In fact, energy it needs to make its shape evolving is very inferior to the one public space’s material needs today. This material comprises intrinsically some qualities based on structure, light filtration and rain evacuation. However, in order to be colonised, it needs some tools inventions whose conception and fabrication is let to public space actors. In other words, as soon as the spicules has been manufactured and let on site, there is no more any owner of them. They belong to everyone and everyone is free to act on it thus it has been extracted from power delegation’s system and exist directly as a mean of democracy. Participation principle is simple. Thanks to a manifest to Haptic, only the body’s direct action with its environment provokes a desire’s spatiality. As gravity is the only device’s rule, intuition is the most required quality here and thus, the spicule composition can be assimilated as a materialisation of the public space actors’ identity

Aggregate structure’s characteristic is to behave like a fluid does. In order to combine small aggregates’ fluid specificities and big aggregates’ structural specificities, spicules have several scales representing a fractal volumetric. In fact, this various composition also helps to smooth its surface and make it more practicable.

Spicules ‘aggregate is only constituting a material that needs to be then colonized. Here are several scenarised examples but the appropriation mean is limited only by its actors’ imagination. Those ones act and use it at the whim of their desires materializing them into a vanishing and manifest device whatever it is an apartment extension, a theatre, a barricade, a homeless’ shelter etc.

Spiculation embodies thus a constant redefining architecture impossible to plan and whose intrinsic uncertainty makes its control difficult. It is the object of the non delegated individual power and offers to anybody to express this individual power at any moment.

Léopold Lambert / Architect[e], Editor & Writer