École Spéciale d'Architecture 2006
Studio Peter Cook


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This is a dream. This is a dream of a city growing like a forest whose branches are buildings. The latter are mixing togethere, moving at the whim of the wind and filtering the sun light. This forest evolves constantly and never looks the same.
In the sky, flying wind turbines overhang trees and provide the city’s power by means of shrubs, flirting with branches. Some of them, caress buildings of hte old city in order tocreate a symbiotic relationship with it.

Tress evolves in the course of seasons; branches are unfolding or retracting and their flowers are blooming, then fading away. When two branches are crossing, a potential street is created and the Forest’s inhabitants and other barone rampante, are able to pass from a tree to another. Some of them even have decided to weave their home inside vegetal pockers climbing on trunks.

Years are going by and the Forest grows, grows, grows...

Léopold Lambert / Architect[e], Editor & Writer